What's it like being in the NICU?

by Ray Chen in

Since I'm not really sure what it's like to have a baby that's not in the NICU, I won't be able to make any comparisons. So far though, this is what I've noticed.

The NICU nurses are really on top of things. They're monitoring all of your baby's vitals like heart rate and oxygen levels. They also make sure that your baby is well fed and, if his diaper's dirty, they take care of that for you, too. Of course there's always the option of change the dirty diaper yourself, but I've chosen to let the professionals do their jobs.

Since Noah is now able to be breast fed, we've actually been spending all our time here to make sure Yilin is there for him once he's hungry.

The final nice thing is that since we're not in our normal room during the day, there aren't many interruptions and we can spend all our time focusing on Noah.

Overall, though, I wouldn't want to wish that our first few days for our next kid start off in the NICU. I'd gladly give up all the benefits to not have to put our baby through all the injections and discomfort. Plus the worry that we go through, not knowing of everything is going to be ok isn't worth it.