What about Lucy?

by Ray Chen in


Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Lucy. She's doing great and getting along fine with Noah. I know the picture looks like she wants to eat him, but she's actually really gentle with him.

We didn't just risk it to chance, though. Before bringing Noah home, Yilin did some research and asked our neighborhood dog walker about introducing a new family member to a dog. Lucy isn't territorial and really great with little kids, but we just wanted to be sure she wasn't going to start acting weird once Noah was home.

So what we did was have my mom bring Lucy down to the lobby when Noah first came home. We gave Lucy an opportunity to sniff around and get to know him, but after one or two sniffs she wasn't interested and just wanted Yilin's attention. This was pretty consistent with Lucy's anxiety issues, but since she already had Noah's scent, we decided to go to our apartment.

In the apartment, Lucy calmed down and sniffed around Noah's stuff a bit more and occasionally going over to sniff him. She never actually touched him, but would sniff all around him. She got use to his smell and was back to her normal sleepy self.

That was day one and subsequent days were even better. Now, Lucy will sometimes walk into Noah's room, look around, and then sit by his crib, facing the door. This shows that she's accepted Noah and is now looking after him.

As a final note, it seems that Lucy understands the importance of peace and quiet with Noah around and has stopped barking at random things. She's a good dog and I can't wait to see what happens once Noah starts chasing her around.