Update from Noah - Day 2

by Ray Chen in


From Noah:

Today was a great day. Dad and I rolled through the morning routine and had a little bit of time to play. After my morning nap, my buddy came over to hang out for a bit. He's older and wiser, so he doesn't usually react to any of my childish antics.

We both got tired after a few minutes of hanging out, so I went to take a nap and my buddy went home. When I woke up from my nap Grandma and Grandpa had came over. Woo hoo! They gave Dad a chance to take a break. I'm not sure what he did because I got to go to the mall.

The mall was amazing! There were so many things to see that I didn't even feel like taking a nap. Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa is so much fun. I think Dad likes it, too. After coming home from the mall, he seemed a lot more energetic and played with me since I didn't feel like sleeping.

I think missing that nap wasn't a very good idea. I was suuuper tired and fell asleep almost instantly once Dad put me in my crib.

I can't wait for tomorrow when Mommy comes home!

-- Noah