Update from Noah

by Ray Chen in


From Noah:

It's been almost a whole day without Mommy. I really miss her. Dad's fine, but I don't think he knows how to keep me entertained for long periods of time. He just keeps trying to play ball with me.

I let Dad bathe me this morning. I tried to be nice and not pee on him, but I just couldn't hold it in and let the flood gates open just before he closed up my diaper. I did my best to not aim at him, but that just made a big mess all over the table.

I got to help Dad take Lucy out in the morning. She pooped, but her poop is not nearly as smelly as mine.

I tried to sleep long naps during the day, but the longest I could do was a couple hours in the morning. Dad doesn't put me to sleep the same way Mommy does. I miss Mommy's singing. At least Dad's been reading me lots of books. I like his funny voices.

I'm going to try to be a good boy tonight and sleep early and wake up late. Hopefully I'll get to FaceTime with Mommy before sleeping.

-- Noah