Sometimes the hardest things are not what you expect

by Ray Chen in

A few weeks ago we took delivery of our crib. This thing was massive. It was over 160 pounds! I thought that there was no way I was going to be able to assemble this myself and no way would I be able to finish this in a day. I suppose I shouldn't have surrendered to defeat so early as it really wasn't that difficult to put it together.

I tried to take some timelapse photos thinking it would be amusing to watch someone assemble something bigger than him, but such wasn't the case:


The crib assembly was so successful that I decided to take on our electric swing. After all, I had just tackled a 160 pound crib! Honestly, this swing had so many similar looking pieces, tons of screws, and a seat cover that was a serious test of patience. It probably took me an hour to setup the crib and an hour and a half to setup the swing. The worst part was that after I finished the crib I felt accomplished, but after setting up the swing I just felt annoyed.

Here's the finished product. I hope that our baby likes it.