Sleepy's is worse than Lenscrafters!

by Ray Chen in


In preparation of our new guest, one of the things we decided to get was a bed for the second bedroom. We felt that when Noah got bigger, he'd need a bed and being able to sleep with him while he's still an infant is quite valuable. There's a Sleepy's pretty close to us and we'd used them when we first got married, so we decided to use them again. That was our first mistake as the entire experience turned out to be horrendous.

At the center of everything was the fact that Sleepy's sold us a mattress for around $600 when the same mattress was available from 1800mattress for a litte more than $300. That's after both companies offered us free shipping. For comparison, 1800mattress charges $39.99 while Sleepy's charges $89.99! Our next mistake was not canceling the Sleepy's order and going with 1800mattress. Instead, we thought we'd just price match with Sleepy's.

I called the Sleepy's store the next day and the sales rep took all the information needed to price match. He actually went to the 1800mattress website and went through the process of buying the mattress. He confirmed the price and the amount that I'd be credited back and told me it'd take a few days for the adjustment to be approved.

A few days later -- the day we were to take delivery of the mattress -- I still hadn't been credited the difference and called the store. Conveniently the same guy who I spoked to initially answered the phone. He looked up my record and told me that he rememered handling my call. He apologized for the processing taking so long, but attributed it to a recent computer system upgrade and said that it would be done in a few days. I mentioned that I was worried about accepting delivery before the credit was applied, but he assured me that everything would be settled soon.

Taking delivery of the mattress was our next mistake. Two weeks after purchasing the mattress and still not having been credited the difference, I called the corporate office. To my amazement, the rep that I spoke with said that there were no notes on the order indicating that I had made a request for a price adjustment. I explained the ridiculousness of the situation and requested to speak to a manager. Essentially, I didn't want to hang up until a credit was applied or the mattress was returned.

Did you know SLEEP'S DOES NOT ACCEPT RETURNS? I am now certain that Sleepy's is a scam and they're just out to con you out of your money. What company doesn't accept returns under any circumstances? This wouldn't be so bad if they knew how to do a simple price adjustment.

So what did I do to get my money back? I decided to use the purchase protection on my credit card to get the price difference back. This is another process, but at least the people on the phone seemed leaps and bounds more competent.