Saturday Mornings

by Ray Chen in


I'm always looking forward to spending the weekend with Noah. It's both a time for us to spend with one another and a time for me to help Yilin get a little extra rest.

I really like the mornings since this is usually when Noah's the most active and in good spirits. He probably likes the mornings because he's just woken up from a good night's sleep, has had his diaper changed, and has a full stomache.

Noah seems to be able to identify us as his parents now (or at least as people he recognizes) and that's made a world of a difference. We can talk to him and get him excited and smiling, which, for me, makes me feel like we're actually beginning to develop a relationship.

I'm still eagerly awaiting the day we can actually play with each other. Like rolling a ball back and forth.

Yilin pointed me to this NY Times blog that mentions that there are 940 Saturdays between when your child is born and when he turns 18. To me, this is a reminder that I only have 940 Saturdays to build up experiences, memories, and life lessons. I guess all I want is to make each Satuday count.