Photo book

by Ray Chen in


Last week, I took advantage of a sale that Adorama was having. They were offering a 14 page 8" x 8" photo book for $12, which is more than half off their usual price.

I was really impressed by their online software to create the photo book. All I had to do was link my flickr account and import the photos that were already uploaded to flickr. From there, it was just a little dragging and dropping.

At checkout, I was really surprised to find that I had a $15 credit. I'm not sure where this came from, but I used it against my $12 and selected in store pickup for a grand total of $0. Whoo hoo! I love free stuff!

A few days later and the book was ready. I stopped by in the morning on the way to work since I couldn't wait until the evening. I was really impressed by the quality of the printing and binding of the book. They even did some minor color corrections for me to make sure the skin tones were consistent throughout. Overall, I would definitely use Adorama again.