On photographing Noah

by Ray Chen in


Taking pictures of Noah is one of my favorite things. I really enjoy being able to record the events that happen and track his ever changing features. As fun as it is, it can sometimes be a little frustrating. I mean, I could get the lighting right, the angle right, and the composition right, but when I'm ready to process the pictures, the daily 'things' find their way into the shot.

Take the first picture. It is probably one of the best pictures I've ever taken. To me, it really captures the relationship between mother and child. Now look carefully, you'll see that a little piece of tissue has crept into the shot. Do I still love this picture? Absolutely. Do I wish the tissue wasn't there? Of course. I won't complain, though. This picture was really just a lighting check. A test shot to make sure my flash was setup properly.

The rest of the pictures are shots from the backstage prep that goes into maintaining a child on a daily basis. It's not glamorous, and as you can see, Yilin is the one who steps up and takes care of it. She's certainly the greatest! She does all the hard work and I get to play with Noah and take pictures of him.