Just me and my dad

by Ray Chen in


Today marks the beginning of a new adventure for Noah and me. A few months ago, just a little after our little boy was born, Yilin found this really amazing craft fair. Well, she told me that it was an amazing fair -- I'm not really an expert in determining whether or not a craft fair is amazing. The problem with this fair was that it's in Toronto. I really couldn't say no since the memory of childbirth was still so fresh in my mind. Plus, this would be a chance for me to really spend some quality time with Noah.

Since Yilin left after dinner, I've had to feed him and put him to sleep. Phew! Day one -- COMPLETE!

Let's see what day two brings.

Oh, I almost forgot. The book in the picture, "Just Me and My Dad", is a book from my childhood. I had completely forgotten about it until today. It's a pretty good book about the things the kid does with his/her (what kind of animal are those things???) father. I don't normally feel like a dad, but at this moment, the dad feeling is unmistakable. I can't wait to start doing things with Noah, just father and son.