In tune

by Ray Chen in


I've noticed something pretty interesting since bringing Noah home. When Yilin and I are asleep and Noah makes some noise, Yilin's the one to wake up. She can hear his grunts, whines, and cries waaay before I can. I think mom's are just wired to the frequency of their child.

During one of our first few nights, Yilin set an alarm for 3AM. The alarm went off and sounded for close to five minutes. She didn't budge, but I tossed for the entire five minutes trying to figure out what the sound was. When I finally figured out it was her alarm, I tried to wake her up, but no amount of poking would work.

In order to help Yilin get more sleep at night, I decided to be the 'baby monitor'. Basically, I just sleep in Noah's room and wait until he's fully up before bringing him over to his momma. This sounds like hard work, but since I'm not in tune with his whines, I only get up when he's really up and making lots of sounds. Easy for me and Yilin gets some extra rest.

Speaking of sleep, Noah's been sleeping really well lately. At night, we run him through his night time routine and tuck him into bed around 7:30PM - 8:30PM. He'll lay in bed for a few minutes before putting himself to sleep. The best part is Noah will stay asleep for the next 6-9 hours before waking up and asking for some food.