How we pacify...

by Ray Chen in


It seems as though the debate on whether or not to give your newborn a pacifier has been argued for ages. I'll admit that I was in the "no pacifier" camp, but after reading a bunch of books and articles and hearing the opinions of the nurses in the NICU, I was slightly swayed.

However, Noah hasn't had any reason to need a pacifier. He didn't even really start crying until a few days ago. I guess once he figured out how to use his lungs to voice his discomfort, he started to get a lot more "chatty".

The other night when he was having a hard time calming down, we tried using the pacifier as suggested by Harvy Karp. This worked wonderfully, almost instantly calming him down. Once he was calmed down, I took the pacifier out and he remained calm. Once he had enough rest, Noah was able to have a really large feeding and only woke up twice in the middle of the night.