Grandparents are the greatest

by Ray Chen in


Honestly, aside from the first few hours when Yilin was in writhing pain, our time in the hospital has been pretty easy. I think this is mostly because of the support that we've been getting from my parents.

When Noah was born, my mom stopped working to make sure Yilin and I had a good lunch and my dad stopped playing to make sure we had something good to eat for breakfast.

Since then, they've made numerous trips back and forth between their home and hospital. This isn't exactly close, taking about 20 minutes each way. Sometimes they rush only to find that we've already eaten and all the hard work that they put in to feed us a hearty meal will just have to wait in the refrigerator for a couple more hours.

Other times they rush over only to find out that we just started a feeding and they'll have to wait another 30 minutes.

I can't imagine what our experience would have been like if we didn't have such supportive parents. Thanks Mom and Dad! You've made our first few days with Noah really great!