Go with the flow

by Ray Chen in


Ray has been heckling me to post to this blog. I do like writing, but since having Noah home, its been hard to find time to get anything done. Caring for Noah is actually quite easy. The biggest change I have had to adapt to is having to sleep in short spurts throughout the day, rather than sleep throughout the night. Other than a changing sleep pattern, it's been surprisingly easy to care for Noah.

The reason why I haven't been able to get down to doing stuff that I want to do is because I am a mad clockwatcher. I keep track of when Noah's last feeding was and when his next feeding is probably going to be, and I try to decide what I can do with my time in between. For the first few days, I felt that my life was taking place only between feedings. The major drawback of watching the clock is that the baby's schedule really cannot be planned. He might sleep 1 hour, or 4 hours. Because I watched the clock, I have decided not to do lots of things that need to be done over a longer period of time (like have a "proper" nap, play my PS3 game, watch a 1 hour TV show, watch a movie etc.).

After a week, it has become pretty obvious to me that it makes more sense to just go with the flow. While this may seem like common sense and something that's really easy to do, it is a change for someone who is used to planning things out in detail.

Now, let me go finish that episode of 30 Rock that I started 2 days ago and am still watching - haha. Fingers crossed for no interruptions.