Freshly baked DISASTER!

by Ray Chen in


It started as a routine diaper change. Prep a new diaper, wipe up the mess, and then the fountain show begins! I had learned my lesson from our first day and had his little fountain covered up, but my inexperience showed and my poor technique failed to funnel the stream back into the diaper.

Instead, the pee overflowed the side of the diaper and on to the changing table cover. The good thing about the cover is that it's waterproof. This also happens to be a bad thing as the pee continued to stream and flow back towards Noah's head. Luckily, his shirt absorbed enough of the pee.

I didn't panic. A little quick thinking and with Yilin's extra help, we decided to just put a towel over the pee while I finished off the diaper change and began a bath to clean off the pee on Noah's back.

As you can see in the picture, while I was holding Noah up so that Yilin could put the towel down, he decided to show off the color of his poo. This must've been the most he's pooped because I don't remember changing any diapers with that much stuff in it. I was so worried that he would poop even more out and kept asking Yilin to help, but all she was interested in was laughing and taking a picture of my misfortune. Looking back, I'm glad she took the picture. This one's going to go into Noah's wedding album.

I still can't believe he actually did that. I was already super anxious about him peeing during a change, but now I know what the consequences are if he does and it's not contained. Sigh... so much pressure!

So remember, it's not enough to just cover up the stream. You have to make sure it's properly directed.

I'll never forget the day I got pooped on and I'll be sure to remind Noah about the things that he put me through.

Finally, a tip for soon to be parents: one changing pad cover won't cut it, you can probably deal with having two covers, but when one's in the was and the other just got pooped on, you're really going to wish you had that third one.