First day at home

by Ray Chen in


Here's what happened at home during Noah's first day. In short, he peed in his diaper, through his diaper, and when he didn't have a diaper.

This taught me a couple things:

  • Cover his little bird. I did this after the nurse showed us what happens to little boys when they get changed, but somehow my cover never stays. I'm going to try using a larger cloth, perhaps a paper towel with warm water. I think having Noah pee on me is one of my biggest fears.
  • Diaper changes need to be fast and social. The first point explains the need to be fast, though I'll add that he usually doesn't like it and screams quite a bit. This ties into the second point. Being social, meaning speaking to him, during changes kind of calms him down a bit. This is still a bit of an experiment, but I'll work on it a bit more and report back.
  • Make sure all the elastic flaps are opened up. This is a little tricky to describe, but what basically happened was the diapers are designed to have a tight inner flap and a slightly looser, more comfortable backup outer flap. Think of it as wearing properly fitted briefs inside a pair of slightly-too-big briefs. My mistake was that I didn't realize there was this inner 'brief'. This caused some pee to flow out the side and cause me to wonder what had happened.

Needless to say, we did quite a bit of cleaning and changing today. I think he went through four of five different outfits. Tomorrow we'll be buying more changing pad covers, extra cloths, and extra blankets. I don't want to know what happens when the last clean changing pad cover gets soiled.

One of the better things about bringing Noah home is that we can spend time bonding with one another without having any wires and sensors. He gave us a good three hours of very active and alert time. It's these little precious hours of the day that makes everything worth it.

That's how I saw day one at home. Mom, on the other hand, probably saw it all as just boobs, boobs, boobs.