by Ray Chen in

Blogging’s never really been my thing, but as I grow older and begin to forget more and more there’s definitely a lot of value in keeping record of things that I’ve done, seen, and learned. There’s so much going on these days that I’m hoping that blogging will help keep my thoughts in order.

Here’s what been on my mind recently…


We’re two months away from welcoming a little boy into our family. I was initially unsure about what to expect and how to prepare, but with help and encouragement from Yilin, I definitely feel ready. I’m not saying that I now have all the answers, but I feel like I have enough knowledge to get myself through things.

Seeing the finished onsies from our baby shower really got me excited.



Working at a startup is amazing. Not just because I believe in the product, but because there’s so much that I’m learning and so many different problems to solve. From the time that I started at Benchmark two years ago, I’ve worked with java, c++, ruby, scala, and python. I’ve also setup and used cassandra, hadoop, memcached, and rabbitmq. In the four years of work prior, I only worked with java. To me, getting to work with a breadth of technologies and learning through their successes and failures is one of the best parts of my job.


With the baby on the way, I’ve started to look for inspiration for pregnancy and newborn photos. This is probably stating the obvious, but so many of the really great looking photos are amazing because of their creative use of light. Now that I’ve spent a bunch on a two light setup, I’m trying to get a better grip on how to use the light to show depth.