Ergo Heart2Heart

by Ray Chen in


Although Noah is a generally chill baby, sometimes there really isn't anything we can do to calm him down. The swing has been working wonders for the times where he's calm and we need a place to keep him occupied, but it doesn't help to calm him like it used to.

Yilin's been a big proponent for wearing your baby so that he's always close by even while you're busy doing other things. We've been using our Ergo with the Heart2Heart insert for the past week with great success.

Carrying Noah in the Ergo basically mimics a womb like environment. He's swaddled pretty tight and he's close enough to the person carrying him to feel your rhythmic breathing and heartbeat. It works so well that Noah can be in a state of uncontrollable screaming and within minutes of being put in the Ergo, he'll calm down and usually a few minutes later he'll be asleep.

We're big fans of getting things that can help calm down our baby, so even though the Ergo and the infant insert are kind of expensive, we highly recommend it to all future parents.