Dad's birth story part one: My anxiousness

by Ray Chen in


No, this isn't the story of my birth. It's my account of the events leading up to Noah's birth.

It all started a week or so before Noah's expected due date of January 5 when Yilin called me at work with some signs of very early stage labor. It wasn't anything to be overly concerned about, but I wanted to be home in case things progressed quickly. I rushed home and frantically got my last minute things prepared. Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, clothes, camera, iPad, chargers, laptop, tennis balls, birthing ball, yoga blocks, and on and on and on. I made a few trips to load up the car and then... nothing. Nothing happened. I decided to work the rest of the week from home, which wasn't too bad since things were really quiet in the office given it was the last week of the year.

Over the next few days weeks our routine was pretty much enough light contractions one day for us to think labor was any time now to no contractions the next day. Since the contractions were enough to trick us into thinking labor was soon, I kept on deciding to work from home.

The weekend after Noah's expected due date, there wasn't much indication of labor so I went back to work. Again, not long after having reached the office, Yilin called and told me she was feeling stronger contractions. And again I rushed home, but this time most of our things were already packed. All I had to do was re-pack the toothbrush. And again, after waiting for awhile, nothing happened.

All throughout these false labor days, I would repeatedly ask "are you having a baby, yet?" I'm not sure if this annoyed Yilin, but it definitely helped me to try to bring my anxiety levels down a bit. If you haven't read my post on waiting for a baby to come, then you'll know that each day that Noah didn't come was a kind of mental torture for me.

As the days progressed, I would wake up each day and think, "I'm going to have a baby today. For sure! ... For sure ... For sure?" I was getting more and more anxious each day, but Yilin didn't seem to be all that worried as she continually badgered me to take her into the city for dinner. I eventually caved in and agreed to take her for dinner in the city for just one night.

You know the saying, "give you an inch and you'll take a mile"? Well, the one night out in the city turned into three nights out in the city.

We began our third night out by visiting our friends upstairs around 7:30. They just had a baby boy a week before (on Noah's expected due date. Yes, I was secretly racing to see who would deliver first -- I was the only one racing. I also can't wait for them to meet each other). We hung around for a little bit and socialized with some of our other friends who were also there. We finally left around 8:15PM (late lunch so a late dinner didn't bother us) for chinatown.

We had dinner at a little Indonesian place that's run by Malaysians and, planning for the next day, ordered some take out for lunch, too. Before heading home, we stopped by a drinks and dessert place to try to maximize our date night and the street parking that we'd already paid for.

Yilin complained a little bit about having contractions, but to me it didn't seem like anything worse than what she'd been experiencing for the last week and a half.

Once we were back home, we watched some TV before heading to bed around 12:30. Well, I was in bed around 12:30, I wan't sure what Yilin was doing.

Stay tuned for part two...