Cranky napper

by Ray Chen in


Noah has some really good habits and some really bad habits. One of his good habits is his ability to put himself to sleep at night. When it's time for bed, we run though a night time routine of feeding him, changing him, and reading him a book. At the end of the book, I swaddle him up and put him in his crib.

He doesn't fall asleep right away. In fact, he'll usually be wide awake when we put him down. For ten or so minutes, Noah will look around his room and maybe stare at his mobile. At some point he gets bored and falls asleep. When he wake up in the middle of night to top up on some milk, we can do the same thing -- swaddle him up and put him right back in his crib.

In the afternoons, though, things aren't so easy. Noah will usually stay awake for too long and overstimulate himself, putting himself in a pretty cranky state. We then have to hold him and comfort him until he falls asleep. If we're lucky, this only takes 15 minutes. Sometimes, 30 minutes still isn't enough time for him to get to sleep.

This isn't the worst part. Once he's asleep, we can't put him down. As soon as he feels that he's away from our body, he wakes up in a fuss. It's super troublesome, but Yilin and I have found ways to occupy ourselves during his afternoon naps.

Don't feel too bad for me, though. On the weekends, I can usually get him to nap for more than 2 hours at a time while is play video games.