Can we open presents?

by Ray Chen in


Imagine yourself as a child. You've been waiting all year for this day, Christmas day. You were so excited about this day that you hardly slept last night. All those presents under the tree have been teasing you for the past few weeks. Each day, the number of gifts slowly grows and grows and grows. Are you going to get that new remote controlled car? How about this year's hottest video game? Maybe even a puppy?!?!

All the speculating has you so excited that you're up at 6AM, anxiously sitting by the tree and waiting for the rest of your family to wake up. When will they wake up? Should you wake them up?

Finally, you hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Yes! It's time to see what's hidden under all that wrapping. But wait... what's that? This can't be right? Your parents tell you that you can't open your presents today. They're just not ready. It'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Your anxiousness and eagerness continues to build. Will tomorrow be the day? Will your parents postpone it yet another day?

This feeling of excitement and impatience is exactly how I've been feeling lately. Except it's not presents under the tree that I'm waiting for. It's finally being able to meet this person that's been so close to me; that I've grown to love and adore; that I've named. Until he's ready to greet me, I'll sit patiently waiting, hoping that today will be the day.