Best Friends

by Ray Chen in

 (Guest Post by Yilin)


Noah now has a best friend. No, it is not the boy you see in the picture above.


Look at how happy Noah is when he hangs out with his best friend. Noah’s best friend has many traits becoming of a best friend. He is always there for Noah. He makes Noah smile a lot. When he and Noah hang out, they don’t need to exchange a single word and yet there are no uncomfortable silences.


This thermostat is Noah’s best friend! Noah discovered him 2 days ago during a diaper change and it was friendship at first sight. Now, just the sight of his friend can instantly stop him from a bout of crying. Only thing is I can’t force Noah to look at his friend – I can only position him optimally and he has to find his friend on his own.

Babies are so cute – there is really no need to buy too many toys because they are fascinated by everyday things. Need something to distract your baby? Take a piece of paper and draw lines with a thick marker. Need a toy when you are out walking the baby? I gave Noah a namecard from a store just today. A plastic spoon or those cardboard cup holders would also work fine I am sure. Just keep handing them random stuff until something interests them. It’s not that difficult.