An early Thanksgiving

by Ray Chen in

I love this time of year. I'm always busy starting from mid-November until the new year, but it's a great kind of busy. It's a time to meet up with friends and have great conversations over (mostly) home cooked food.


This year, as was the case last year, the Thanksgiving festivities was kicked off with Benchmark's annual Thanksgiving potluck. It's great to see all of the people that your work day in and day out with come together and bring in their favorite recipes. More impressive is how everyone some how is able to find extra time to get things done. It's the little activities and events like this that reminds how great it is to work at a place that truly cares about the happiness of its employees.


After work, it was off to have another Thanksgiving dinner with a group of old friends. It had been awhile since I had last been in touch with some people, so being able to catch up was on of the highlights of the night. The most impressive part of the dinner was how many people we fit around the makeshift dining table. The amazing shepherd's pie was a close second.

We talked about a lot of things last night, but the one thing that everyone had to talk about was what they were most thankful for. For me, I'm most thankful for our little boy. He's still a few weeks away, but he's already changed me in preparation for his arrival.