A trip to Terrain

by Ray Chen in


If you're not sure where or what Terrain is, don't worry, I also had no idea what it was or where it was. The one and only Terrain store happens to be just outside of Philadelphia and while not exactly close to us, Philadelphia is still one of those places where we can make it a day trip.

One of my favorite things about going to Philadelphia for the day is exploring some of the city's great restaurants. This trip was no different and our lunch spot at Amada's didn't disappoint. This tapas style restaurant served high quality foods at very reasonable prices. My favorite dishes were the asparagus con trufas and the serrano ham & fig salad.


After lunch we headed over to Terrain. The place initially reminded me of Home Depot's garden center, but after about 15 seconds you realize that the plants and garden furniture is way nicer. The store does a really nice job of making you feel inspired by your natural surroundings. They did such a great job that I somehow found myself leaving with four plants, a bunch of bulbs, and some gardening accessories. How did that happen? I was won over by the beauty of terrariums.


Our final stop was Modo Mio for dinner. Everything here is made fresh -- the bread, the pasta, the meats. The restaurant was small and cozy and reminded me of your typical NYC restaurant where you can't get in and out of your seat without jamming your butt into your neighbor's food. Also, I'm definitely not an expert on Philadelphia neighborhoods, but area around the restaurant seemed pretty shady. Anyway, it was another great meal for not too much money. Plus, it's a BYOB restaurant and we managed to find a $6 bottle of wine around the corner to go along with our Italian tasting dinner.