Rocks, Paper, Scissors, SHOE

by Ray Chen

Noah learned a fantastic game this past week from his friend Toby at school. I'm not sure what this game is or how a 5 year old can teach Noah how to play it. 

At first glance you might be inclined to think this is the classic game of rocks, paper, scissors, but this is certainly not the case. How do I know? 

I initially thought that Noah just didn't pronounce "shoot" properly and tried to correct him multiple times. He was very adamant that it was not "shoot" and was most certainly "shoe".  

Ok, I can get over that and just say "shoe". Let's play! 

Rocks, paper, scissor, shoe! 

"No, Daddy! You can't do that! When I make a fist, you also have to make a fist! Let's try that again." 

... And that's when I knew it wasn't the same game.