by Ray Chen in ,

It's been really cold here the last few days and we've pretty much been home the entire weekend. I decided that I wasn't going to let the weather make the weekend a wash, so I decided to have some photography fun!

When Noah was six months old, we got a 'new' couch. One of the best things about this couch was that i was long and white and offered a fun place to take pictures. I decided to use a similar setup to try and highlight some of Noah's favorite activities.

Lately, he's been very active. He does summersaults, jumps off things, and runs everywhere! That's not all the surprising, though. What's amazing is that he can now sit quietly as we read through several books. I never though he'd be able to do such a thing. Of course, he still loves to eat, so that's not big news.

Today was also the first time since Noah's really been mobile and independent that I've actually tried to setup all of the lighting gear. There were one or two close calls, but he was generally very respectful of what was mine and off limits. I think I'll be able to try taking more creative pictures in the future. After all, our boy really does love himself.