Big boy bed

by Ray Chen

The other morning started the same as every other morning. Noah stirred and the noise on the monitor woke me up. As is normal for every morning, I take a couple minutes to relieve myself and then go and take care of Noah.

After the bathroom, I checked the monitor again since he wasn't making any sounds anymore. When I checked, all I saw was an empty crib! Uh oh! With a quick dash, I went and opened our door and there he was... Blanky in tow, too! I have no idea how he climbed out of his crib, but he did it without hurting himself and making sure his blanket came along.


So after breakfast, it was off to my parents' place to pickup the mattress that we bought when Noah was born. The transition from crib to bed hasn't been easy. It brings me back to Noah's newborn days, but instead of waking up to feed him and change his diaper, we now wake up because our bedroom door opens up and a little man appears calling 'daddy!'

Last night I woke up three times and each time I spent at least twenty minutes watching the monitor to make sure Noah was sleeping. I feel a lot more stressed out now even though I know there's no way for him to get hurt. The first night we tried to keep him company until he went to sleep. This didn't work at all as he wanted to keep checking we were still there. Last night Yilin tried to sit in his room, but after an hour, it was obvious that it wasn't working either. What seems to be effective is to use his sleep buddy and tell him that it's sleeping time and out him back to bed without any fanfare. That is, no eye contact, no singing, no patting.

Hopefully it gets better before I go back to work.