December Recap

by Ray Chen in

This December was pretty great. Our little baby is definitely a toddler now and is piecing multiple words together. This month Noah began to ask for things 'nicely'. Some example of things he asks for are:

  • 'Can I have bagel please?' -- usually followed by 'BAGEL! BAGEL! BAGEL!
  • 'Can you have lap please?' -- this translates to 'Can I sit on your lap please?'
  • 'Can snack please?" -- at some point he lost focus and skipped all the unimportant parts

December was especially awesome because Noah got a chance to spend a lot of time with both of his aunts. It was great for him to get to know the rest of our family especially since it feels like his long term memory is beginning to mature. It was also a good break for Yilin and me as there were more people around to keep him busy.

We celebrated Yilin's birthday with a super excited boy exclaiming 'BIR-DAY!' and really eager to blow out the candle. Noah loves blowing out candles. We even sometimes light a candle and put it on a dessert just for kicks or make a fake cake with fake candles out of blocks.

Noah's imagination is also fully active now. He'll randomly say 'whooo whooo', 'cheep cheep', or 'meow' and look around in bewilderment asking 'where?' as he looks for the owl, bird, or cat. Most of the time they're either hiding behind his neck or in pocket. He always lets the go, but they frequently end up pooping (usually on my head).

I've also started to try keep his energy levels under control by introducing various obstacle courses. They usually involve things like going under a stick, climbing up the couch, crawling through a tunnel, and running into me. We commonly refer to this game as 'crash' -- probably because we usually have to stop because he ends up crashing into something.

Yilin has also ramped up Noah's learning time. I won't pretend to know it, but I'll say that we have a lot of Montessori books and activities now. The picture of Noah playing with the rice is actually one of the Montessori activities.

If you want to see more pictures from December, check out our flickr gallery.