by Ray Chen

On our first night during dinner, Noah pulled me aside and quietly whispered, "thank you, Daddy, for brining us here." 

Noah, I couldn't be happier! You're welcome and I'm so happy to have a son who is so appreciative. 


Noah's prayer

by Ray Chen

Noah's prayer at dinner today was his most heartfelt yet. It included this great gem, "Thank you Father for Daddy working from home so we can have dinner together as a family and he doesn't have to spend so much time on the train."  

Thank you Father for blessing me with a child so full of love! 


by Ray Chen

Claire's been walking a lot more lately. She decided to start standing and walking all on the same day. I guess she's her own person and no one is going to tell her what to do.  


by Ray Chen

This is the first time I've seen Noah write his name without any help or guides. 

This is the first time I've seen Noah write his name without any help or guides. 

Rocks, Paper, Scissors, SHOE

by Ray Chen

Noah learned a fantastic game this past week from his friend Toby at school. I'm not sure what this game is or how a 5 year old can teach Noah how to play it. 

At first glance you might be inclined to think this is the classic game of rocks, paper, scissors, but this is certainly not the case. How do I know? 

I initially thought that Noah just didn't pronounce "shoot" properly and tried to correct him multiple times. He was very adamant that it was not "shoot" and was most certainly "shoe".  

Ok, I can get over that and just say "shoe". Let's play! 

Rocks, paper, scissor, shoe! 

"No, Daddy! You can't do that! When I make a fist, you also have to make a fist! Let's try that again." 

... And that's when I knew it wasn't the same game.  

When I'm a grown up...

by Ray Chen

Noah's been talking a lot about when he's going to do when he grows up. My favorite ones so far:

- I'm going to help you mow the lawn
- I'm going to help wash the dishes
- I will watch Claire


That's what brothers do

by Ray Chen

The other day while I was at work, Yilin was watching both kids with Claire in her favorite jumperoo and Noah playing with toys around her. Yilin went to brush her teeth and came out to a crying Claire and to Noah who had a really red mouth.

Apparently he pulled his mouth so hard while trying to make funny faces to stop Claire's crying that it became red. What a great brother!