What do your parents do?

by Ray Chen

At breakfast this morning --

Me: Noah, what does Mama do?
Noah: Make things.
Me: What does Daddy do?
Noah: Mmm... Play!
Me: What things does Mama make?
Noah: Bread... Lunch... Mushrooms... Eggs...

At least I'm not seen as just a disciplinarian.


Noah loves fall

by Ray Chen in

Maybe it's the cool weather or maybe it's all of the leaves that we get to play in, but Noah really loves the fall. We make big piles of leaves and run through them or just throw the at each other. When we have some extra time, we setup a little fire in the fire pit and roast some marshmallows. The only downside: the sun sets too early.

Help me!

by Ray Chen

Noah: Can you help me make pancakes?
Me: No, you're having so much fun that I'm really enjoying watching you make pancakes.
Noah: No!!! Yesterday, I helped Mama make pancakes; how can you not help me make pancakes?!?


Welcome Home!

by Ray Chen

We got to welcome little Claire home right on schedule. Deebs even made the long trip to meet her little niece. Since coming home, all Claire's done is sleep and sleep and sleep and eat and poop and sleep and sleep and sleep. I don't really remember Noah being such a quiet baby, but I guess all kids are a little different.

So far, Noah's been pretty good with Claire. He's a little jealous at times and wants to be treated the same way. When Claire drinks milk, he also insists on drinking some milk. This isn't too bad, but I guess it might make him a bit fat.

Anyway, back to more quality father-son time.