In case you were wondering...

by Ray Chen

I haven't just been sitting around all day waiting for something to happen. Well, mostly that's what I've been doing, but I did manage to squeeze in a little door painting. Woohoo!


Reviews while you're waiting

by Ray Chen

Things are a little slow going at the moment, so here are some of the early reviews of today's events:

"Yilin looks excited!"
"Well there's no stopping it now!"
"Omg so exciting!!"


by Ray Chen

Just kidding. We're still at home while Yilin labors along a little further. We're not going with a midwife this time and Yilin isn't too excited about getting hooked up to all the various machines that a traditional doctor needs to keep his insurance costs down.

To the bat cave!

by Ray Chen

We're on our way to the hospital. The contractions are more frequent and more intense now. Here we go!

Is it time?

by Ray Chen

Regular contractions started around 4am, but with low intensity. Everything is ready for us to go to the hospital, but we're going to hang out at home until things get more intense.


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It's been really cold here the last few days and we've pretty much been home the entire weekend. I decided that I wasn't going to let the weather make the weekend a wash, so I decided to have some photography fun!

When Noah was six months old, we got a 'new' couch. One of the best things about this couch was that i was long and white and offered a fun place to take pictures. I decided to use a similar setup to try and highlight some of Noah's favorite activities.

Lately, he's been very active. He does summersaults, jumps off things, and runs everywhere! That's not all the surprising, though. What's amazing is that he can now sit quietly as we read through several books. I never though he'd be able to do such a thing. Of course, he still loves to eat, so that's not big news.

Today was also the first time since Noah's really been mobile and independent that I've actually tried to setup all of the lighting gear. There were one or two close calls, but he was generally very respectful of what was mine and off limits. I think I'll be able to try taking more creative pictures in the future. After all, our boy really does love himself.

A post about snow, but really about vanity

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We got some snow last week and had a chance to play in it. It's not the first snow of the season, which is probably a good thing. The first time it snowed, we had a really hard time getting Noah to put on his snow pants and mitts. I think he learned his lesson after the first time it snowed because when he saw the snow this time, he exclaimed, "SNOWING!" then ran to the closet and said, "SNOW PANTS!"

He was so excited to go outside, but the temperature outside was around 13F, so we had to wait until closer to lunch time when it was around 23F. When we finally could go out and play, I had these grand visions of putting Noah on his new sled and sliding him down the snow banks from the parking lot.

As is usually the case, reality didn't match my imagination. In fact, most of our conversation went something like:

Noah: Carry! Carry! Carry!
Me: No, Noah. You have to walk. Doesn't the snow look fun?
Noah: Carry!
Me: Noah, do want to touch the snow?
Noah: CARRY!
Me: Noah, I'm not going to carry you. Do you want to inside?

I eventually got him to play in the snow by letting him throw snowballs at me, but my ultimate goal was still to get him on the sled. I tried all sorts of tricks like going on it myself, using it as a shovel, piling snow on top of it. Nothing worked. I gave up and we went in for lunch.

In the afternoon we went out again, but this time with Yilin. We tried showing him how fun the sled can be by pulling one another, but he didn't like it. We tried just plopping him on the sled, but he'd thrash himself around. Finally, mostly as a joke, I said to Noah, "Hey, do you know what would be really fun? If we made a video of you on the sled so you could watch it."

Without even thinking about it, he said, "Yeah!" and moved towards the sled. I actually had to stop him so that I could take my phone out and record him. The video is the first time he got on the sled. I can't believe it actually worked.

You'll also notice that we're pretending to swim. That was another tactic we tried to get him on the sled. We made believe that all of the snow was a giant pool. Pretending that something is a pool is one of the ways I try to tire him out.

Happy New Year!

by Ray Chen

Happy (belated) new year, everyone! We celebrated by sleeping early. That makes it two years in a row!

Big boy bed

by Ray Chen

The other morning started the same as every other morning. Noah stirred and the noise on the monitor woke me up. As is normal for every morning, I take a couple minutes to relieve myself and then go and take care of Noah.

After the bathroom, I checked the monitor again since he wasn't making any sounds anymore. When I checked, all I saw was an empty crib! Uh oh! With a quick dash, I went and opened our door and there he was... Blanky in tow, too! I have no idea how he climbed out of his crib, but he did it without hurting himself and making sure his blanket came along.


So after breakfast, it was off to my parents' place to pickup the mattress that we bought when Noah was born. The transition from crib to bed hasn't been easy. It brings me back to Noah's newborn days, but instead of waking up to feed him and change his diaper, we now wake up because our bedroom door opens up and a little man appears calling 'daddy!'

Last night I woke up three times and each time I spent at least twenty minutes watching the monitor to make sure Noah was sleeping. I feel a lot more stressed out now even though I know there's no way for him to get hurt. The first night we tried to keep him company until he went to sleep. This didn't work at all as he wanted to keep checking we were still there. Last night Yilin tried to sit in his room, but after an hour, it was obvious that it wasn't working either. What seems to be effective is to use his sleep buddy and tell him that it's sleeping time and out him back to bed without any fanfare. That is, no eye contact, no singing, no patting.

Hopefully it gets better before I go back to work.